About American Family Thrift

About American Family Thrift

A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Helping Families


American Family Thrift Car Donations Inc. is a federally approved 501(c) 3 EIN- 20-1156838

 non- profit organization registered with the state of Massachusetts, Florida and the state Attorney General's office. American Family Thrift Car Donations Inc. is approved to operate in all fifty (50) United States. AFT is dedicated to providing assistance to families experiencing difficulty maintaining a safe, secure and nurturing family unit.


Our specific focus is to provide assistance to domestic violence victims, children with special education needs, and adolescents lacking access to positive and socially responsible adult role models. This assistance is coordinated through our funding of support groups and through the implementation of various programs designed specifically to meet individual family needs.


All support groups receive goods and services supplied by the AFT Services inventory of donations. Currently, AFT is completely reliant on goods received from the corporate, institutional and residential communities.


WE RELY SOLEY ON DONATED GOODS: Cars, trucks,boats, RV's, any vehicle (running or not), quality used furniture, appliances, working electronics, antiques, etc.


Problems within the American family unit are increasing exponentially. Your tax-deductible donation is the life-blood of this organization. Your donation sponsor goods and services in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. By donating new or used equipment, furniture and unsalable or distressed merchandise, you are making a significant contribution toward the support of healthy kids, strong families, and safe homes.



Why Donate Your Car?


  • It is a lot simpler than advertising, fixing and selling your car yourself.
  • Even a 'clunker' is worth something. You do not have to pay someone to tow it or give it away to a salvage yard.
  • We will take care of the details. You won't have to wait all day for the tow truck.
  • You will save the costs of maintaining a car you do not use.
  • Support American Family Thrift and make a difference for thousands of American Families in need.



AFT Programs


1 - Operation rescue.

  • Domestic violence is identified as one of the major causes of family discourse in America. Operation Rescue offers financial and relocation assistance to victims of domestic violence in the following way:
  • funding to organizations in assisting domestic violence victims including those groups that provide confidential and comprehensive recovery services such as emergency shelter, food, clothing, and counseling.
  • relocation services including assistance in moving victims to a new residence including transportation and labor, providing household furniture, appliances, and clothing. These services are provided on request of any of the American Family Thrift funded support groups by AFT Services donated inventory, trucks and staff.

2 - Smart Start.

  • A solid education is the foundation of every generation and has a significant impact on the development and sustenance of a healthy family unit. Unfortunately, ubiquitous budget cuts in our public education systems make delivering quantity education a major challenge. AFT is committed to furthering the cause of educational advancement to our underprivileged youth in the following ways:
  • funding to organizations specializing in assisting children with special needs. These organizations are dedicated to assisting low-income preschool children with academic difficulties.
  • providing desks, chairs, lights, and studying materials so that underprivileged children will have access to an environment physically conducive to learning. These materials are donated and delivered by American Family Thrift through it's thrift services inventory of donations.

3 - Bright Horizons.

  • Bright Horizons addresses the social issues of adolescent youth. Supporting a positive atmosphere where kids can spend recreational time and learn to interact with others in a peaceful and productive manner helps them learn to live socially responsible and productive lives as adolescents and later as parents.
  • These organizations provide an environment where our urban youth have access to quality recreational activities and can be influenced by positive adult role models.

4 - New and Beginning Farmer Training Program

  • The New and Beginning Farmer Training Program is designed to provide educational opportunities and technical assistance that improves the likelihood of success for the next generation of small farmers.
  • The project is designed to equip new and beginning farmers with knowledge, skills and tools to make informed decisions that lead to successful agricultural operations.
  • The goal of the project is to use the basic business development model and apply it to agriculture operations; thus, tying business and marketing skills to agriculture, making it a seamless endeavor and increase the likelihood of economic profitability.
  • All extra food to be donated to food shelters or the homeless.